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Formula 1 cars for sale: BAR F1 replica, Jaguar F1 replica and more

BAR Formula 1 replica is equipped with F1 simulator control devices using the latest Formula 1 simulator software. You or your customers can race against computer generated competitors in a real size BAR Formula 1 Show Car. Our eye-catching BAR F1 Show cars are extremely successful at sales promotions and exhibitions. Of course these BAR F1 simulators are also perfect for home use. Paintings and branding of our Formula 1 simulators can be tailor-made to your needs. This article is strictly for novelty and/or educational purposes only.


Lucky Strike BAR Honda Formula 1 (GB)

British American Tobacco bought out Ken Tyrrell's Racing Organization at the end of 1997, installing Jacques Villeneuve's manager to oversee the once-formidable team's final season in 1998 whilst Reynard designed the team's first challenger for 1999. A wave of optimism has swept through BAR for 2004, and the team expects great things (well, podium finishes at any rate) this season. Jenson Button is now firmly established as the team's figurehead, and is joined by the fast (but occasionally wayward) Takuma Sato. The 006 has displayed impressive form in Formula 1 winter testing, although some of its quickest laps.

Use our BAR F1 show cars with F1 simulation for promotions or home entertainment. We can deliver everything you need in one: Car race simulation, BAR F1 replica, BAR F1 Show Car. This article is strictly for novelty and/or educational purposes only.

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